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The new Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip for monitors was made for gamers. Check it out — along with all our newest lights and features.

Man sitting at three-monitor PC gaming setup surrounded by colorful light

Available September 2022

Play gradient lightstrip for PC

See the action on your screen spill over into the space around you! Get a colorful gradient of light around your single- or triple-monitor gaming setup.

Man sitting at three-monitor PC gaming setup surrounded by colorful light

Available on November 15th

Festavia string lights

Get the ultimate decor for any holiday celebration with Festavia, our long-awaited string lights.

Two Filament candle bulbs displaying warm white light in modern fixture on side table

Available September 2022

White ambiance Filament

Filament candle bulbs are now available in warm-to-cool white light! Get this popular vintage look with thousands of shades of white light.   

Smart downlights set to orange light in kitchen

Available September 2022

Slim downlights

Add slim downlights to any room in your home — especially where traditional can lights just can’t fit — with our latest version that fit into any ceiling.

Gaming setup with colorful smart light shining on wall behind monitor

Available September 2022


You can now connect your Philips Hue lights to CORSAIR iCUE, along with all CORSAIR’s gaming peripherals, to create a unique gaming space.

Living room TV setup with overlay of the Hue app displaying the Sync tab.

Coming soon

Sync in the Hue app

The Sync tab in the Hue app will become the home for all things syncing! Like Philips Hue + Spotify, you’ll be able to control your Hue sync box directly in the Hue app.

Illustration of a house with two lights on and an icon showing that it’s 11:36 PM

Available September 2022

Mimic presence automation

Not home? Philips Hue is. This specialized automation turns your lights on and off at times you’d generally use your lights in the Rooms you select. With this automation, it seems like someone’s always home. Check it out in the Automations tab.

Flourish table lamp set to purple on a side table with overlay of SmartThings app displaying sync settings

Coming soon

Sync music to light with SmartThings

Get Hue Sync directly in the SmartThings app on your Galaxy mobile device! Let your lights sync to your favorite tunes from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet. 

Signe gradient oak

Signe gradient in oak

Wake up under the vast expanse of the morning sky. With its slender profile, the sun "rises" over the Signe with a brilliant blend of colorful light.

Hue Go portable table lamp next to snacks and a drink on outdoor table

Available October 2022

Go Portable Table Lamp

Take smart light with you anywhere! With a handy grip and long battery life, this new lamp makes it easy to carry light with you where you need it — both indoors and out. Available in teal and orange grip colours.

Sana wall light displaying bright pink light hanging on wall over side table

Available September 2022

Sana wall light

Get a gentle indirect light effect with this wall light, whose circular design adds a unique style element to any space.

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