Pysy ajan tasalla Philips Hue Secure ‑kameroiden uusimmista parannuksista ja päivityksistä. Julkaisemme julkaisutiedot jokaisen päivityksen yhteydessä, jotta pysyt ajan tasalla sovelluksen päivityksistä.

February 28, 2024 
Secure cameras 1.2.10 (650010)

  • Fixed an issue where motion events were incorrectly categorized as vehicle events
  • Made Night vision transitions smoother
  • Improved Wi-Fi setup during onboarding
  • Made live view startup times shorter and improved clip capturing
  • Streamlined camera firmware updating process
  • Improved battery camera’s sleep mode
  • Changed the default sensitivity for object detection

December 12, 2023 
Secure cameras 1.2.6 (581000)

  • Improved battery life for cameras that use certain Wi-Fi routers/settings
  • Improved live view 
  • Improved performance and reliability of the system
  • Fixed an issue with onboarding for people outside of US
  • Fixed an issue where live view showed a purple screen
  • Fixed delayed notifications

November 28, 2023
Secure cameras 1.23–1.2.5

  • Introduced a setting to adjust video clip length 
  • Improved livestream startup time and video quality
  • Improved battery life by preventing unnecessary motion triggers 
  • Fixed an issue where video clips weren’t attached to the event in the timeline
  • Fixed an issue where video clips weren’t recorded if the microphone was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where motion just outside an Activity zone would trigger an event
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with a small number of Wi-Fi access points

September 12, 2023 
Secure cameras 1.2.3 (559000)

  • Initial launch. Check back here for future release notes! 


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